The Absent Ones

Session 6 - 11/2

Enter the Songwood

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As soon as the party entered the Songwood, a wave of nausea hit them. Even the dryad Morgaine became disoriented, but the group pressed on attempting to follow the tracks. Soon, though, the psychological effects of whatever was plaguing the wood took their toll, and they lost their way. They seemed to travel in a straight line, but after a day’s travel they found themselves back where they started. After a rest, they began again.

This time the wood seemed to reject their presence, and attacked. Trees grew tall and close together into walls, and plants reached out to try and ensnare anyone who came too close. The party ran, jumping and climbing, to escape the attacks. After a time, it seemed to die down, and everyone was generally unscathed as they came upon a graveyard. The gravestones were old, but the dirt was fresh. McNeil and Adrie were too curious to pass it by, and began to dig through the unsettled dirt. Undead soldiers emerged from the grave, but they were no match for the four warriors, and were dispatched, the riches of their graves taken as punishment.

The wood continued to bear down on the psyche of the party, but they grew to resist the effects. They came upon a grove filled with dancing fey elves – Eladrin – but these were ghostly and ethereal. The party attempted to fit in and join the revelry, and to gain information from these spirits. One acknowledged the existence of Glandomein as an old wizard who knew his parents, and directed them to a tower somewhere in the woods, though he did not know the way. After some inappropriate comments from McNeil to a particularly comely Eladrin spirit, the ghosts disappeared.

The group then encountered a wall that appeared to be the last remaining piece of a once great castle. The rusted gate lay partly open, and as the party stepped through they were transported to another part of the forest. They heard voices coming from ahead, and Adrie recognized the leader as Verick Kalin, the thug who attacked them at the festival, though this time his lackeys were a group of tiefling demon soldiers, accompanied by a demonic orc sergeant and spellcaster. They hid and prepared and ambush.


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