The Absent Ones

Session 5 - 10/19

The Burned Village

See the full writeup of this session here.

The party entered the village square and were met by another red-skinned orc, this one wielding two flails. As it charged, archers stepped out from the burning buildings surrounding the square, and more demons attacked from behind. The party was attacked from all sides, and an epic battle ensued. Torvald and Morgaine engaged the berzerking demon/orc, while Adrie and McNeil attempted to navigate the shaky wooden planks connecting the balconies above them and hold down the archers. The berzerker was slain, but McNeil fell from archer fire. He was thankfully saved by Torvald’s dragonling familiar doing some bandaging as Torvald and Morgaine held off the remaining demons while Adrie picked them off.

After the battle, the group investigated the village, and found that many of the riches and treasures were left there. There were no survivors. From the way the buildings were torn apart, it appeared that the demons were looking for something, or someone. They decided to follow their tracks into the depths of the Songwood to attempt to find their camp.

Before setting out they lay down for a rest out of sight of the village and were haunted by strange dreams. The dreams were of different locations – a mountaintop monestary, an ivory pillar in the desert, the town of Fallcrest, and a white tower in a forest. The dreams all involved being chased by demons and presented a sense of urgency. The pillar in particular was inscribed with the word “Glandomein” – perhaps a clue as to the origin or reason for the demonic invasion.


oldfamiliarscene oldfamiliarscene

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