Welcome to the world of Aor. Covered in water, empires grow and fall without ever contacting civilization beyond their own island continents. Kingdoms can share landmasses for centuries, in peace or with age-old rivalries, never knowing what lies beyond their shores. The gods build their own communities around their favored islands, and entire parts of the world are ignored by deities – allowing chatoic forces to carve out their own spheres of influence.

The campaign centers on the island continent of Drabyn. Drabyn was the favored continent of Io, the god of dragons, before he was killed centuries ago and split into the noble god Bahamut and the evil goddess Tiamat. The dragonborn empire of Arkhosia, which previously dominated the continent, was split into two factions following each new god. For hundreds of years the factions warred with no victor, and the empires crumbled under the weight of conflict. With the continent in ruins, the gods left the conflict in a stalemate and turned their feud to other venues. Drabyn was left forgotten by the gods.

With the dragonborn nearly extinct from the large-scale warring, the continent was left to the humans who had been lower-class citizens or even slaves under the empire of Arkhosia. Bands of human survivors grew into tribes, which grew into settlements, which grew into kingdoms. There are currently two kingdoms sharing the continent – Arkhentus on the southern coast and Rocanna to the east. The barren wastelands to the west, the former foundation of Arkhosia, remind the humans of the past. Small communities of dragonborn remain, but it is they who are looked down upon now. And so it has been for the past hundred years.

The kingdoms are new and growing, and the dangerous wildlands are growing smaller as civilization expands. But in a land abandoned by its patron gods hundreds of years ago, what terrors lay hidden? What opportunities are there for chaos to slip in under the watch of the gods of the world?

Check the Adventure Log to follow the adventures of Adrie the mysterious refugee half-elf rogue, McNeil the eager, proud dragonborn warorld, Torvald the extraplanar genasi swordmage, Morgaine the scorned dryad barbarian, and Keth the noble Tiefling Paladin.

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The Absent Ones